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Get latest One Piece 853 spoiler pics and summaries here. One Piece chapter 853 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday morning. Now, what can you say about the next One Piece 853 chapter? where will it go from there? feel free to discuss it here. Jinbe breaking Luffy out of prison and the Big Mom pirates starting to panic was hype. I'm hoping we might get a Smoothie vs Jinbe fight soon haha. Luffy putting one of the two dudes that KOd him in a headlock was hilarious too haha. All the Vinesmoke stuff was, as usual, not interesting to me. It was sort of emotional sure, but nothing that we haven't experienced before. The more I learn about Judge, the less I think that he's a scumbag and the more I think that he's just a bad character. "As long as my children are good at wars" like what?? Like this dude literally has no character. He's just some cardboard cutout evil scientist who has a moderately cool army. He has no depth, no emotion, and no motivation. If ever Oda failed with a character, he failed with Judge. Literally Oda could on-screen Big Mom killing all of the Vinesmokes and I wouldn't care at all. No positive or negative emotions, I would just be like "k" and forget that they even existed at all.

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Start reading One Piece 853 in this One Piece manga blog. Reiju gave Sanji the keys and incentive to leave the island. He has the perfect opportunity now to find his nakama and get out of there but, that is clearly not going to happen. Reiju is way too good of a woman for Sanji to leave behind. She has helped him too many times for Sanji to leave and she even saved Luffy's life as well. For the Straw Hats to leave her alone in those conditions they would definetly feel guilty. Without Reiju's acts of kindness, Sanji would never have met the Straw hats. She is the catalyst to all of these events. This is One Piece manga 853 chapter scans online. One Piece chapter 853 can be read in this page and will be updated updated soon with full of surprise and shocking revelations!
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One Piece 853 Chapter - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
The least Sanji could do is save her from death tomorrow. I think all of this sets up a Sanji vs Judge rematch. He may defeat him so that Reiju could be free because right now Reiju and her brothers are tools at Judge's disposal. None of them were ever really given the choice whether to make nice decisions or not. I just realized that empathy is actually the only emotion the brothers lack. They have already shown happiness when hugging their father when they were young, and they were all very attracted to Nami. If Judge is using technology to keep them in check, maybe if the technology were to be destroyed or countered the brothers may begin to experience emotions the way Reiju does and even to do things beyond following Judge's orders. Now onto the Charlotte Family. This chapter sets up their downfall. Smoothie has made a grave mistake which is underestimating Luffy. She is not even going to send people a high rank to take down Luffy. That is going to hurt her very badly in the future. I was watching reviews earlier and a YouTuber by the name of Sawyer7mage made a very good point. Smoothie might actually not be underestimating Luffy. Many people have forgotten in a earlier chapter it was stated that all the sweet commanders are in the chateau and we still have yet to see Charlotte Katakuri. This person may be waiting for Luffy on the third floor. Actually it would be pretty strange for Katakuri not to be there because they are in the chateau and a reckless man who is stronger than Doflamamingo and a commander is running wild there. The moment Luffy gets fed, asses are going to get kicked. This is not even the wedding day and chaos has already ensued. If tomorrow is going to be worse... this might become a battle royale with Luffy and Big Mom as the centerpiece.

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