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Get latest One Piece 857 spoiler pics and summaries here. One Piece chapter 857 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday morning. Now, what can you say about the next One Piece 857 chapter? where will it go from there? feel free to discuss it here. I think it's possible that Capone and allies might be the ones to beat BM. Luffy is in a pretty unique position to what he's used to being that he's now not the only one who's after BM's head and Capone is probably alot more planned and prepared than he is. I think Capone will be leading this coup while Luffy takes advantage of the chaos and creating his own. He's also a supernova from the worst generation so he should be in the same power bracket as Luffy and his potential is also unknown these days since he was the only one of his previous alliance with the other supernovas to surrender instead of fighting BM's crew. I think it's also possible that Capone is still in an alliance with Urogue and will also be making an appearance at the wedding. The last place we saw him was on a sky island and BM's crew seem to think he's dead. So I think Capone might have secretly helped Urogue escape which would have been easy with his ability.

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Start reading One Piece 857 in this One Piece manga blog. Baum Guestroom I always found it funny that Sanji and his siblings all have a thing for Nami; Yonji and Niji being especially vocal about it here, while Ichiji just sits back. Either the kids just naturally have a high tolerance for alcohol or it's a result of their modified DNA, but then it also seems Judge can hold his own too. It's funny how both Big Mom and Judge assume they're getting the other in their pockets with realising extent of their plots too late. This is where I think the biggest scuffle of this arc will happen; once both parties come to understand what exactly the other thought they were getting; because it seems me that they've agreed on something more along the lines of an alliance and not subjugation. I'm really intrigued by the chess army now; I want to see the king and Queen chess homies. This is One Piece manga 857 chapter scans online. One Piece chapter 857 can be read in this page and will be updated updated soon with full of surprise and shocking revelations!
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One Piece 857 Chapter - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
So far we've only seen up to rooks; which is the one holding the den den mushi and speaking to Mont D'or. And Big Mom has picked up thhe Brook replacement and slept with it; I was sure it was going to burn with Prometheus' fire attack in the last chapter. She looks so peaceful there. Reiju looks conflicted in thought; probably thinking about what is to go down tomorrow and her future after this. Outskirts of Town Hungry Luffy looks like those wrinkled rubber face masks you can buy; full of lines and looking so dejected, a drastic deterioration from what we saw last chapter.The look on his face once he eats Sanji's food again is so brilliant; you can tell it's just the best thing for him and Luffy never lies about food. I am a bit surprised that he recognised what the other SHs' favourite foods are, I was sure that'd have gone over his head. I'm glad Luffy got to punch Sanji; not just to pull him out of himself a bit but also I wouldn't have been fully satisfied had he not gotten one back. This is different from Usopp because that was a duel which both agreed but Sanji fighting Luffy was a dick move, whatever his intentions were. After the punch, I was happy with him admitting to what he really wanted and breaking down into tears; this is how it should've been from the moment Luffy came to find him. I didn't expect him to want to save his whole family, I thought it'd just be Reiju. Could there be redemption at the end of this for his family? I'm really not rooting for this.

Trivia - Charlotte Pudding is the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family, who works as a chocolatier and the owner of cafe "Caramel" on Cacao Island. She is Vinsmoke Sanji's arranged fiancée, per the political agreement between their families. Due to her intentions, she is a major antagonist of the Totto Land Arc. Pudding ate the Memo Memo no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to extract memories in the form of film strips and manipulate them. She can cut away frames to remove memories and paste on new frames to add new memories, which can take the place of the removed memories. She keeps various memory frames stored in her room so she can add them to other people's memories. With this, she can afford to reveal her plans to her enemies without compromising the plan. Pudding's name is a reference to the custard pudding, which follows the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates. Pudding acting habit matches her Devil Fruit manifestation as a roll of film.

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